2nd May, 2017

The Funniest Things To Happen On British Public Transport

The Gautrain is seriously bad and boujee compared to the public transport in Britain. These funny images will have you ROTFL! They might never be on time, but at least they have some  entertainment.






Chess Has Never Been Sexier.

Chess officials forcefully disqualified a 12-Year-Old student because… Get this – her dress was too seductive. Yeah sure, because her aim is to bring all the boys to her chess board?






Unusual Celebrity Baby Name

The names celebrity couples give their newborns is defiantly a laughing matter. After spending a week to get to know the little bugger – you decide to give the child a name like Bear Payne – WHY?






Man Sleeps With Women Then Steals Her Video Game Console – WHY?
As a grown man – you slept with another woman for her video game controller? You couldn’t aim a little higher in life?





FYI: Beer Is The Best Painkiller
People have been warning you about the effects of drinking for the longest time. Well here at Comedy Central – we see the cup as half full! Two or three beers may be a better painkiller than the stuff you get in the drugstore. Science has once again come to our aid!





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