14th March, 2017

This Guy Left His Phone At the Bar So I Had A Little Fun With His Text Messages

So Some drunk guy left his phone at the bar and unfortunately the wrong person got his hands on it and funny enough not even a thief, but a ‘funny’ guy, he then decided to see if I could unlock it and send some prank text messages! After a couple days he was able to guess the password and send out some pretty LOL-worthy texts! His contacts were totally confused - check it out. What a douchebag! (College humour)

Best St Patrick’s Day facts - 6 bizarre things you didn't know about the Irish event

The early Leprechauns looked completely different to the green-clothed, ginger-bearded and Guinness-drinking men you'll see crowding into bars on St Patrick's Day. See what this Irish holiday is all about. (Mirror UK)

Politician denies writing Tweet – while sitting in front of a giant picture of it

But Tory Dr Liam Fox has denied he sent a controversial tweet – as he sat in front of a giant picture of it.
The international trade secretary made the claim on Sky News after he was asked about the post saying that the UK is one of the few EU countries that ‘does not need to bury its 20th century history’.
Critics unearthed the tweet, from last March, and complained he was whitewashing history. (Metro UK)

People Are Confused By The "Beauty And The Beast" Gay Character Backlash

All this time, this fairytale was just a story but we guess we’re just going to forget about that whole bestiality thing then. (BuzzFeed)


How horrible is it when you’re capturing moments and someone just turns your picture into a joke. See the ultimate photobomb and picture FAIL. (Daily HAHA)

What Happens When Parents Read Their Daughters' Tinder Messages

We think it might be time to initiate a new rule for Tinder correspondence: Would you want someone’s mom or dad reading your message? If the answer is “no,” don’t send.

That’s precisely what happens in the BuzzFeed video : parents read obnoxious messages received by their Tinder-using daughters.
“I wish you would send nudes,” one mom says, reading a relatively tame message. “I hate this.”
We do, too, mom, we do too.  (Huffington Post)


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