15th August, 2017

Dad terrified of heights challenged by family to peek over cliff edge

This father is terrified of heights. As encouraging as it is that he made an attempt to get over his fear of heights, the footage is still hilarious. I mean any sight of a grown man screaming his lungs off is funny. Check the video out.



Ways to Hide a Hickey

A hickey is one of those things you would prefer for other people not to see; it is just embarrassing. What’s more is that once it is exposed the comments that follow just make the situation even worse. Have a look at these funny pictures of all attempts made to hide a hickey.



Overly Excited Tourist 

It is even possible to be excited about anything this much? This guy is pretty much over the moon about every little encounter he comes across on his trip. Trust us you will love the silliness of it all.



The Funniest Things Twitter Has Said About Crushes

It is safe to say just about everyone has experienced having a crush on someone at some point .Which means all of us will relate to these tweets and find them equally funny . Click on the link to check them out.



Son Pranks Mom

You have to watch this very well executed prank. It is beyond funny and the laugh that follows is even funnier. This little boy probably got in trouble with his mother thought but it was worth it. Click on the link to also have a giggle. 



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