18th April, 2017

15 Struggles Of Going Back To Work After Easter. 

Ah, and just like that Easter is officially over. Let take a minute to reminisce the feeling we all had last week Thursday! Not only was there chocolate - we also got some free time away from work. Click on the link to see the 15 struggles of going back to work after Easter ag! 



Kim Jong-un ‘FORBIDS North Koreans from COPYING his hairstyle!

Supreme Leader of North Korea - Kim Jong-un has forbidden citizens from having the same haircut as him. We are not even pulling your leg! We wonder how the public reacted after finding out that they have to refer to a style guide to do their hair. He added: “North Korean men can choose between 15 approved haircut styles.



A Line Of Nasty Hair Ties To Give Cheap Friends Who Are Always Borrowing! 

All know that hair accessories can make or break a friendship! Nothing is worse than buying a fresh pack of hair ties and having your friend constantly borrow them. Ulta Beauty released a new line of nasty hair ties which have been designed for all those cheap friends out there. It hasn’t headed to the South African market but when it does – we suggest buying a pack or two. 



Nightclub Bans Oompa Loompa From Stripping 

We know the title sounds like an extract from ‘The Daily Sun’ but seriously! Liverpool's Sugar Hut doesn’t allow Little People to strip as it is against their terms and conditions! They claim it’s to protect the Dwarf community – at the end of the day, a job is a choice. 




Funniest Tweets About Easter!

Some of these tweets are hilarious because no one wants to say it but we are all thinking it! We find humor in all things so share a laugh with us and click on the link to see some of the funniest tweets about Easter!


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