22nd March, 2017

Tweets About Passwords That We're Gonna Need You To Read By The End Of The Day

These tweets each contain at least one uppercase letter and one special character, similar to how your password should be looking like. (Funny or Die)

Woman on the run after assaulting her mother with a CHEESEBURGER at Popular Fast food outlet Drive-Thru

Police arrived at the drive-thru restaurant to find the 60-year-old woman with a swollen red face and the car splattered with pickles, ketchup and mustard. This kid is definitely in need of a happy meal. (Mirror UK)

Reddit Hero Who Clicks On the Links No One Else Will. Give this man a bells!

One of the great dilemmas of online life that no one really talks about is "risky links." By that I mean links that you are genuinely afraid of clicking because of where they might lead - someone tells you you should NEVER google 'degloving' and sends you a link...do you click it? Well, you're kinda morbidly curious at this point, so - even though you KNOW you'll regret it - you just HAVE to click that link to satisfy your curiosity. (Reddit)

100 Dog Memes That Will get you barking in laughter

They're all good boys.  (BuzzFeed)

Prosecco-flavored nail polish is now available

Prosecco has become very popular in recent years, comfortably overtaking Cava as the reasonably-priced Champagne alternative of choice for British drinkers.
And now Prosecco-lovers can enjoy the taste of their favorite tipple - in a nail polish.This definitely has to be every girls dream come true, now you can enjoy the taste of your nails every time you are nervous. (Telegraph UK)


Credit: Groupon

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