25th April, 2017

The Worst Things To Experience At A Black Hair Salon?

Let’s not lie - black hair salons are magical! It’s a place where you can find a gifted pair of hands and where you can go from looking like a sister of the soil with some Faux Locs to a baby girl with that 24 inch Brazilian weave. It’s not all roses and sunshine doe!





NEVER Leave Kids Alone With Pets – Unless You Want A Cat-astrophe!

Take a look at this collection which proves that you can never turn your back when your children are near your pets! As a pet – I’m sure this is not what they signed up for.  




It Took 7 Seconds For This Kylie Jenner Appearance To Get Awkward.

It took Justin Timberlake and Madonna four minutes to save the world, but it took Kylie Jenner 7 seconds to ditch the red carpet after protesters crashed her event. Maybe if her sister Kendall was there, she could have controlled the group with a certain beverage – was that too soon?




Fascinating Things People Do When They're Alone. 

And you thought you were the only one who twerked naked in front of the mirror? Some of you may be able to relate to some of the things that these people do when they are alone! Don’t worry - you are not alone and you are not weird.






Oops ! Now That’s Awkward.

Imagine you are taking snaps at the marathon and to your surprise - you see things that you’re not supposed to! At the marathon - an athlete somehow managed to expose himself to the crowds without realizing it. Read more on this misfortune by clicking on the link.




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