28th February, 2017

23 Weird Tweets That Will Make You Laugh Despite Everything
‘’Even in the darkest of times, a dog’s shaved butthole will make you laugh’’
See these 23 tweets that will make you laugh no matter what is happening, Isn’t it great that there is  little funny in almost EVERYTHING. (BuzzFeed)

Flight attendant who made two bogus bomb threats signs a plea deal - but still faces 50 years in prison

Wait! Is that even allowed to be called a ‘plea deal’? Read more about this Flight attendant who probably wished he just did his job and earned an honest living because his bogus threats and his wild imagination landed him 50 years in prison, with a plea deal. Imagine he didn’t have one, he most probably would be spending life in jail. (Daily mail)


The Metro FM Awards were held in Durban this weekend. You know with South Africa being a country with ‘ZERO-CHILL’, see the Top 5 Best Twitter Reactions to the Awards – by some of our most popular Media Influencers. (The Daily Sun)

Do You Actually Know The Iconic Lyrics To "Fergalicious"?

Male or Female, we all knew the lyrics to ‘Fergalicious’ , don’t be ashamed, we all did. Test your memory and take this Quiz to see if you’re still a die-hard Fergie fan. Hit it…. (BuzzFeed)

Let us all take a moment and not only remember, but also understand what happened with the  Steve Harvey’s infamous Miss Universe blunder, because it happened again.An Oscar award for Best Picture was given to the cast and crew of Lala Land, when in fact Moonlight had won the award.
Read more to see what caused this awful but hilarious mistake in front of the world . (The Daily Sun)

Nicole Kidman's Clapping Technique confuses us

‘It's Hollywood's night of nights where the best in the biz take home little gold men’, but it was Nicole Kidman's clapping that stole the show and had the internet in stitches on Monday.
Just look at this, Very weird and quite similar to a Seal clapping. (Huffington Post)

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