28th March, 2017

After 33 attempts, 14 instructors and 25 years learner driver FINALLY passes his driving test

Christian Whiteley-Mason has been left more than £10,000 out of pocket to complete his dream of learning to drive.Yes, it's very understandable that you could fail your driving test but 33 attempts? This definitely was worse than obtaining a college qualification LOL  (Mirror UK)

26 Tweets About Divorce That We're Gonna Need You To Read By The End Of The Day

Even though everyone’s said not to, these tweets have decided to stay together for the kids. Divorce is a very sensitive issue but see how this article has made it easier to laugh at such. This is definitely something you need to see by the end of the day.  (Funny or Die)

This Chubby Cat Has No Idea Why Chicks Are So In Love With Him

Scruffles is a typical fat cat. He likes to lounge around most of the day, get stuck in things — but he also has a bunch of chickens who love to watch him do nothing all day. (Sunny Skyz)

22 Tweets For Women Who Are Just So Done With Bullshit

"If a guy wants me to wear less makeup all he gotta do is ask and imma say no." See these tweets for women who are really just done with all of the BS around.  (BuzzFeed)

Third Wheel Documents Her Adventures Through Lonely Land

Ain’t it grand when everyone around you is part of a couple and you’re trying to do your perpetually single thing? Getting that no-love swag on? It can be rough. Couples have this annoying habit of cramping up your style with things like affection, happiness – and the fair share of arguments, most of the time. (Brainberries)


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