#CCDAILYFUNNY, Tuesday 4 April

4th April, 2017

Matthew Perry Reveals His Favorite 'Friends' One-Liner

Matthew Perry played Chandler on "Friends" as the overly-sarcastic character, who regularly spit out zingy one-liners. With so much material to choose from, if you thought narrowing down a favorite would prove to be impossible for the actor - guess again.

The 47-year-old actor appeared on "Good Morning America". He reveled that his all-time favorite one-liner from the show was from Season 2's "The One with Ross' New Girlfriend," during which Chandler is talking to Joey about his longtime tailor.

"You should go see Frankie, my family's been going to him forever," Joey tells Chandler in the clip. "He did my first suit when I was 15... No, wait, 16. No, excuse me, 15. When was 1990?"

Chandler responds: "OK, you have to stop the Q-tip when there's resistance!"

We have heard Chandler say a lot of things! This has to be one of the nicest things he has ever said to Joey! 



So Blue Doritos Are A Thing Now And They Taste As Good As They Look

In case you’re wondering – a bag of blue Doritos goes for $6 for one bag! That’s R83.04 for a bag of Doritos in South Africa! 

So we heard that there were BLUE DORITOS out there. The hunt begins!

Michelle Rennex tried the new flavor and found that they were meant to be lime and pepper-flavored but instead they were weirdly sweet and had pretty much no pepper.

Michelle states that, “These bad boys have nothing on the normal cheese-flavoured Doritos but they do make your tongue blue, which is fun if you like that kinda thing”.


The 13 types of men you meet when you go travelling

It’s always great to get a little insight into the kind of men you will bump into while travelling. We also want that Eat, Pray, Love kind of experience! 

The sun is shining, the cocktails are flowing, everyone is tanned and showing more skin than normal. You would have to be made out of stone not to let your eyes wander a little. We all want to find a hunk to roll around in the surf with, but what’s actually out there for those about to go backpacking?

To read more on 13 men you always meet when you go travelling – click the link and feast your eyes!


WWE WrestleMania 33 results: Hardy Boyz make shock comeback to win Raw Tag Team titles

We all watched wrestling at some point in our adolescent lives. Who could forget the HARDY BOYZ? They just happened to make an epic return to WWE to claim the Raw Tag Team Championship in a ladders match.

The return of the high-flying brothers took the match up a notch and as the crowd could not believe their eyes, the Hardy Boyz stunned both their opponents.



Poor, Gifted, and Black 

You know that song – to be young, gifted and black – while we see a new spin of life as a young black South African. 

Rhodes Must Fall morphed into “Fees Must Fall” as black students demanded “free and decolonized” education, alongside calls for better conditions for poorly paid black workers employed by universities. Protest movements led by young black students flared across formerly white campuses, triggering a martial crackdown by the state. Week after week, heart-stopping clips emerged of police and private security swarming onto university grounds and engaging students in tense face-offs.

This is the reality of what’s happening in institutionalized educational establishments. We have yet to see what the next few years bring. Yes – Comedy Central is woke! 


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