6th June, 2017

The Presidential Spray Tanner

Ever wondered how the president of the United States gets that artificial glow. Meet the man who gives the president his power. This is the story of Khoren Dartanian, the master of tanning and the official presidential spray tanner.



Trends From 2007 You Wouldn't Be Caught Dead Wearing Today

Ahhh our eyes! Crocs have NEVER been in fashion but click on the link to see other trends from 2007 that are a NO NO in 2017!



The Worst Message Ever Received On Tinder

Swipe right they say… You will fall in love they say! Click on the link to see some of the craziest and creepiest responses people have received on Tinder. It's truly a scary place.




Things That Bother People About Finding Dory

Everybody loves Dory but there are a few things that just don’t make sense. How is it that the Blue Tangs (Dory) species lay about 40,000 eggs but she doesn’t have any siblings – don’t worry we will wait. 



McChicken brawl recorded by customer at McDonald's

If ever you were concerned about the human species – this video capturing a brawl would have you saying WE ARE DOOMED! At McDonalds, an employee and a huangry customer.

The huangry customer complained that her McChicken was taking too long which started a throw down between the manager and customer - WOW


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