9th May, 2017

The Weirdest Reminders On Your Phone

Remember the good old days when you had to remember things using your brain? Well times are changing! Look at the weirdest reminders people have set on their phones – WOW! 




If Karen Walker From Will & Grace Made Motivational Posters.

Will and Grace is one of those classics that everybody watched at some point in their life! Yes, Comedy Central loves its golden oldies! Now you know there was no show without Karen Walker and her strange humor. “You say potato, I say vodka.




Man Stabs Himself After Stealing Knife – Karma Hey!

How do you steal a knife and accidently stab yourself with it after? Crook 101 lessons were needed here for two reasons. 1) Who steals a knife and 2) who accidently impales themselves with it? This story had us saying OMG all the way. 



Practical And Boring Wedding Gifts

When you think wedding – you’re probably thinking his & her gowns, plates and linen bedding. Thinking out the box is probably a better way to go! The funnier the gift – the better the memories. 




I Got NO Sleep Last Night

We all know that one person who’s always complaining about how they didn’t receive any sleep. Oooh! Next, he might tell us how bad traffic was! Nobody wants to hear that in the morning. Click on the link to watch the hilarious video about people who complain about sleep. 



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