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12th April, 2017

Five Zapiro Cartoons That Crossed The Line

The cartoonist Zapiro has protected his revisiting rape themed  cartoon about the state capture - saying it was a "difficult decision".

Jonathan Shapiro (Zapiro) has protected a cartoon he drew showing Jacob Zuma zipping up his pants while one of the Gupta brothers gets ready to rape a woman clothed in the South African flag.

The cartoon depicts the woman being held down by State Security Minister David Mahlobo, Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini and New Age editor Moegsien Williams as she is about to get raped.

The cartoon has caused some anger with many accusing Zapiro of perpetuating rape culture.



Dairy-free so-called ‘clean eating’ is putting your health at risk

To eat meat or not to eat meat – that is the true question!

A National Osteoporosis Society survey found that four in 10 young adults have attempted diets that  involve avoiding dairy, gluten, grain and sugar. The research found that more than fifth had rigorously restricted their intake of milk and cheese.

This trend is fueled by social media as the clean eating trend has surged in popularity in recent years. Some advocates have even achieved celebrity status with hundreds of thousands of followers.

The charity warns that a restricted diet among younger generations will lead to health issues in later life. Some of these include osteoporosis which causes bones to become brittle and break.



Dad who took his sons for a park picnic left fighting for his life after being bitten by giant adder that slithered into kid’s pushchair

Let this be a lesson: Don’t touch things like snakes or lions or anything from the wild for that matter.

The father tried to move the reptile when it suddenly attacked him and bit his right index finger!

The dad was taking his sons for a picnic in a park but ended up fighting for life after being bitten by a giant adder.

Josh Rose spotted the 3ft snake under the carriage of his two-year-old Sebastian. The father tried to move the reptile it suddenly attacked and bit his right index finger. Josh states: “I was paralyzed, my blood started to clot and I couldn’t speak, I was foaming at the mouth.



Create A Disgusting Meal To Get A Compliment 

Now every once in a while we like to get creative with our articles. How would you feel about creating a meal so terrible that you wouldn’t even eat it – but you do receive a compliment in the process!

Take the quiz. Link below to find out which compliment is the result of that nasty mash up!

It's like writing a horror film except instead of ghosts there's just lots of mayonnaise. 



Amazon Just Gave You A Way To Monitor What Your Kids Are Doing Online 

If your kids use Amazon's Kindle app Freetime tablet to read, play games, or access the web. Then you can use a new tool called the Amazon Parent Dashboard to track and control what they're doing. We don’t know if this makes you the parent of the year but hey! A parent gotta do what a parent gotta do! 

Fights over screen time can be problematic to both parents and kids. But it's not just kids who might be holding onto their devices too long: The American Academy of Pediatrics writes that "Heavy parent use of mobile devices may be associated with more parent-child conflict." 


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