15th March, 2017

Man made fun of for helping his girlfriend with Make-up

This is what this guy said:’If you want a happy relationship that lasts, treat your significant other like this man treats his girlfriend. I hope more guys start to think of their partners as their "best friends" and "teammates."

Guys are you comfortable with being more open minded when coming to ‘woman’ things? See how this guy compared lipsticks on his hand. (Sunny Skyz)

Michael Jordan's Best Trash Talk: If He Were A Weatherman

In an interview that happened not so long ago, Michael Jordan said if he was not in basketball, he definitely would have been a weatherman.
This NBA Trash talker would definitely be one of the most competitive and hilarious weathermen. See funny or die’s compiled list of the Greatest Weatherman Of All Time’s best trash talking quotes: (Funny or Die)

Cocky teen sends disrespectful texts to his mum - so she gets very public revenge

An angry mum went all the way teach her son a lesson after he swore at her.
The hilarious text exchange between Tralenn and his mum has been shared online after she decided to embarrass him in front of his friends. The conversation was going well until he then decided to disrespect his mother. See how this conversation escalated from zero to a hundred real quick. (Mirror UK)

What's the best luck you have ever had in your life?

Ask REDDIT presents you with ‘What's the best luck you have ever had in your life?’ Read more of this and see some of the HAHA moments of the best luck some people have actually had. So question is, Do you think it’s Luck or simply just a coincidence? (Reddit)

These Pictures Of Jennifer Aniston Leaving The Oscars Make Me Like Her 7,837 Times More

‘I am Jen. You are Jen. We are all Jennifer Aniston leaving the Oscars (minus having millions and millions of dollars).’(BuzzFeed)

How much of a Big Bang Theory Fan are you?

Let us be the judge of that. Complete this QUIZ and see is you are really a die hard fan or if you need to tune in to Comedy Central to work on your TBBT knowledge. (Mirror UK)


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