19th April, 2017

Memes You Understand If You're In A Relationship With Food 

If you are a lover of food! Then you will defiantly understand these memes. Some of us don’t just eat to live BUT we literally live to eat. Food will never, ever, let you down – EVER!





Awkward First Date!

Imagine going on a blind date only to find out that it’s your ex you have been set up with. BUMMER! That must be so awkward – what would you even say? Hey ex, do you want to try this again? 




Brazilian Footballers Distracted By Wet T-shirt

Football is a very serious sport that needs concentration BUT what if there’s a model wearing a skimpy white T-shirt with no bra.  Brazil is hotness central so it makes a little bit of sense - we think watching a football match where players are distracted would be very interesting!



103-Year-Old Vegetarian Regrets No Eating Meat

An elderly vegetarian man regrets not eating meat because it has extended his life span. We know the world is messed up BUT is it? For all the vegetarians out there – you have been warned! If you don’t want to live long then you better start eating that bacon.



Would You Eat These Luxury Pet Foods? 

Posh pets have the fanciest taste buds. Some animals just happen to eat better food than humans – that’s the reality! Some of this pet food may actually make you say YUM! 


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