22nd February, 2017

Meet The Brits Turning To Unconventional Housing To Save On Rent

Oh wouldn’t it be lovely to have a house that moved around or one that cost next to nothing. People are staying in small houses, wooden structures, canal boats and converting ambulances into homes
The housing crisis in the United Kingdom is leaving millions of people unable to afford properties. BuzzFeed News spoke to Brits who are escaping this by turning their beds in unusual places, sometimes underground or in a van. (BuzzFeed)

It's Vomit vs Vomit With Zuma And Phosa

Phosa, the former premier of Mpumalanga, wrote an opinion piece published in the Daily Maverick's website which called for Jacob Zuma to step down. President Jacob Zuma's son Edward responded by saying that Mathews Phosa makes him want to vomit. "Having known him personally as a child during those days makes me want to vomit as I would have alarmed the ANC of what a traitor he was to become post-apartheid," Zuma said on Monday. Phosa replied to Zumas statement by saying that, "Edward Zuma is a piece of vomit, not deserving of any comment as he is talking rubbish”. We guess the word vomit has officially replaced every other adjective that can be used to describe a nonsense human being. Don’t be a vomit in life guys. Don’t do it. (Huffington Post)

Hero waitress drags massive lizard out of restaurant by the tail

The hero for today’s daily goes to Samia Lily, a  waitress who was filmed dragging a huge lizard away from customers.

As part of your job description as a waitress, you are expected to polish cutlery, carry three plates at once and deal with people sabotaging their food for a free meal. One job description that can be added to this list is wrestling a HUGE goanna lizard. She first thought that the animal was a dog when it appeared, unfortunately it wasn't. Here she is ladies and gentleman, the female Steve Irwin. (metro.co.uk)


18 Pictures That Prove You Should Never mess around With Mums

Moms are mean. Sometimes you cannot help but share what is happening in your life, it could be a little harsh but it's actually funny how savage they can be. (BuzzFeed)

Girl contacts policeman for help with her homework

Police are used to problem solving right? So when a little girl reached out and asked for some help via Facebook, with her maths homework, they were happy to help.
Ten-year-old  girl sent a message to her local police department explaining she was having a bit of trouble with her homework assignment.
Instead of pointing her in the direction of her teacher, Look what he said to her. (Mirror)

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