26th April, 2017

Signs From India That Will Make You LOL !
We know that it’s the middle of the week so here’s your pick me up to get you through. These signs found in India will make you laugh out loud! Seriously don’t believe how some of these words were interpreted. This will definitely brighten up your day.




Drunk Man Knocked Down Robot
The fact that actual robots exist baffles us in general. A man has been arrested for knocking down a robot while he was drunk. The poor device was built to prevent crime but now it has become the victim of a crime – shem!



Vegetable Jokes That Are So Dumb They're Actually Hilarious.
Sometimes dry humor is the best humor! Click on the link to try and guess the rest of the answers to these vegetable jokes! The next time your mother tells you to eat your greens – hit her with these lines!

What did the cucumber say when he saw the plane?



Husband Snitches On Wife To The Police! WTH?
A man has ratted his wife out to the cops for stocking cocktail umbrellas. We cannot make these things up! The husband thought that his wife was harboring drugs when in fact, all she had were cocktail umbrellas. Read the link to find out more! 




Why You Should Pick Your Nose And Eat It!
Try not to be sick, but – apparently it’s ok for people to pick their noses and eat it. For all of you who look down on those that dig diamonds, shame on you! According to one study snot, while gross, is actually full of healthy bacteria that helps protect your teeth.



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