28th June, 2017

Tweets That Will Make You Say "I Have Some Questions"

If you are not confused RN then you along with this picture have some serious issues. These tweets had us going to google for some explanation. We so confused right now.

WARNING: This article is EXPLICIT. 



Bromance comedians Michael Cera, Tony Danza & Martin Starr 

This video looks at the brewing bromance between Tony Danza, Michael Cera and Martin Starr. Click on the link to see what disturbing images these three saw at Gallery 1988 (an exhibition of comedians). 



The Biggest Offences Committed To Toast

Nothing will offend your eyes more than toothpaste of actual food. Who is there to protect our eyes from these kind of insults? This is just the beginning – click on the link to see what other things people have put on toast. 



Tweets About Spider-Man We're Going To Need You To Read By The End Of The Day

The classic story of man meets genetically altered spider and gets super powers. We all know that with great power comes great responsibility – it is your responsibility to share this link.



Woman Tries To Honour Her Late Mom And Gets A Face Full Of Ash

There are a few things in life you really don't want to mess up, and spreading your deceased mother's ashes is definitely up there. Mother nature is not always on your side – click on the link to see why.



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