1st March, 2017

20 Embarrassing Text Replies That Will Teach You To Never Text Your Ex

This gallery will show you how to talk to your ex. Do not ever hurt someone’s feelings and expect them to accept you with open arms and kind texts replies. Rule number one, when you and somebody have broken friendship is never an option, that's basically the only rule there is.So see how these people brutally responded to their exes texts (Brainberries)

10 Most Dangerous Selfies Ever Taken

Selfies! This is one thing that took social media by storm. Nothing much you need except for a smartphone and great lighting, then you’re set. Unfortunately there are those who #ThinkTheyMadeItInLife who have complicated the Selfie game. See the 10 most dangerous selfies ever taken.(Luxxory)

Hire this man immediately!

This guy has to be the most LIT and innovative guy out there. Finding a job has always been a hassle, especially because it is really difficult to stand out from  20 other candidates looking for a job in the very same position but this guy…he’s a legend, who should be employed. (Toasted balls)

Suspicious People Of The Day

This story is a bit suspicious too… (The poke)

The Fist Fight Cast Tell Us Their Favourite Jokes

Last week Thursday we hosted the screening of the movie The Fist Fight . The stars do their best to make us LOL with their all-time favourite jokes. Warning: these people are absolutely filthy. See article to hear what we heard. (Comedycentral UK)

"My husband's letter of resignation."

One man has left his boss in no doubt as to what he thinks of them and their company. His reference is definitely going to have only great things to say about his creativity and exit.  (Mirror online)


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