3rd May, 2017

Meals That Every Picky Eater Has Had!
We all know those people who NEVER eat anything. Always picking at their food or throwing shade that makes everyone else uncomfortable. Have a look at some of the meals you have probably discarded – like the meal you discreetly try to throw away without offending anyone.



The Cat That Can Balance Dices and Cards!
This cat has all the tricks in the book! It can balance not only stacked dices but also cards – such skills! Where can one get a cat like this doe? To read more, click on the link.



The Best Celebrity Tweets From The Met Gala

We should all be like P Diddy and lie down when the going gets tough! Before the Met Gala began, we had already grabbed our popcorn! Everything from the outfits to the reactions was totally worth the good laugh we had!



What Quote From TV Do You Use In A Difficult Moment?
Here are some of those inspirational quotes that we all need as a pick me up! Our favorite quote is ‘I’ll be there for you’. LOL !



FBI Translator Goes Rogue and Marries ISIS Terrorist. 
The enemy is sleeping with the enemy – OMG! Why doesn’t America just leave the people to fall in love? An FBI translator with a top-secret security clearance traveled to Syria in 2014 and married a key ISIS operative she had been assigned to investigate. It could have been worse – she could’ve married someone from Boko Haram.



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