#CCDAILYFUNNY, Wednesday 5 April

5th April, 2017

People Are Seriously Ticked Off With Kendall Jenner's New "Protest" Pepsi Ad 

The Kardashian's have done it again! This time around it’s Kendall Jenner that’s causing all the uproar.

A new advertising campaign featuring Kendall Jenner stopping a protest with Pepsi - has people scratching their heads. Unfortunately for Jenner, what was likely meant to be a day of celebration quickly turned problematic as people from all political spectrums rejected the advertisement for its theme, which is essentially "Pepsi can stop protests and create peace."

It didn't take long after the commercial was released for a lot of people on social media to push back.





Inside rancid flat where couple kept disabled woman trapped and fed her on Quality Streets

Keith and Caroline Baker who are former employees of the Salvation Army - raped and sexually abused their traumatized victim. She had no way of escaping, and the couple’s neighbor’s had no idea she was there.

The victim was a mentally-disordered woman who had been imprisoned for eight years. The couple who kept her as their sex slave has been jailed for a total of 18 years.

When police eventually rescued the victim, in 2012, she was so badly malnourished that most of her teeth had to be removed. Her first words when she was released from captivity were: ‘Yes. Freedom.’

Nobody is safe in these streets. Hide your wife. Hide your kids cause they are kidnapping everybody these days.



Chatham dog attack witnesses tell how children were sprayed with blood in playground devil dog attack – as it’s claimed same animal attacked a kid the day before

A TODDLER is fighting for her life after being savagely mauled by a dog that burst into a playground full of horrified children. The little girl was horrifically attacked by a cream Pitbull-cross after it leapt over a fence and into the kids’ playground.

Heroic kids who witnessed the horror bravely fought off the dog to wrestle the small child from the jaws of the animal –  apparently that very same dog attacked another child just hours before mauling the toddler.

Get a dog they say! It will be great they say! We think it’s safe to say that this dog has some serious problems.



19-Year-Old Nearly Died After A Hospital Said His Pot-Smoking Made Him A Bad Transplant Patient 

More than half the states in America have legalized medical marijuana, but some hospitals still bar users from life-saving organ transplants. This policy nearly cost Riley Hancey his life. 

On Thanksgiving, Riley had a big meal with his family,  then went to hang out with his friend to smoke some weed - something he rarely did. He couldn’t have known that this move, something countless Americans do each day, would define his life in a catastrophic way, leaving him at the mercy of a US health care system that has no guidelines when it comes to treating patients who consume either medical or recreational cannabis. 

Riley was given a drug screening and tested positive for THC, the high-inducing chemical compound in marijuana - that Thanksgiving night hangout with his friend had come back to haunt him. As members of the transplant team gathered in Riley’s room, a doctor broke the news: The hospital didn’t consider Riley a good transplant candidate because of the marijuana in his system. Riley would not be getting new lungs.


Sydney Man Breaks World Record For Spending 36 Hours In Virtual Reality

A Sydney-based YouTube video creator has broken the World Record for the longest time spent playing a video game in virtual reality  after staying plugged in for 36 hours.

After coming out of the virtual world, McNee said he felt as if he had lost all feeling from the neck down and is looking forward to seeing anyone else who could challenge his record.

We are pretty sure there are people out there who wouldn’t mind breaking the World Record by sitting in a virtual world! 


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