#CCDAILYFUNNY, Tuesday 11 April

11th April, 2017

Someone Suggested Calling Pretty People Snacks And It's So Cute, You Have To Do It!
You sweet little packet of pretzels.

Sotonye Jack tweeted an observation that he had. He noticed that people were giving girls nicknames based around snacks - which he was into. Jack's suggestion caught on as people took his advice and asked their partners to call them snack food.




The Story Behind Joe Mafela's Astounding Tombstone
The CEO of Bataung Memorial Tombstone wanted to "shock the world" with his fantastic design for the TV legend's tombstone.
For Lebohang Khitsane, a tombstone is a work of art - and his company - Bautang Memorial Tombstones is at the cutting edge of tombstone design and innovation.
The company has created tombstones for celebrities such as Vuyo Mbuli, John 'Shoes' Moshoeu, and most recently for TV legend Joe Mafela. Mafela's tombstone -- which features a living room complete with a plasma TV, table and couch.
Geez, a whole plasma TV? This really is cutting edge!


Woman charged with raping male taxi driver at knifepoint

This article proves that men can get raped too! It’s real out here in the streets.
A woman has been charged with rape after she sexually assaulted a taxi driver at knifepoint.
Brittany Carter allegedly called for a cab to pick her up as well as her accomplice - Cory Jackson. Police said Jackson pulled a knife on the driver and Carter performed a sex act on him.
Accusations state that she ‘purposefully compelled’ the taxi driver to engage in sexual conduct ‘by force or threat of force’.


Mum’s horror at discovering sick ex invited 50 strangers to her home to ‘rape her’ in a twisted reign of terror that lasted four years because he suspected her of cheating

Robyn Night reveals she was forced to install CCTV after men kept turning up at her door for sex.
A MUM has told of her horror after discovering that her ex invited 50 men to ‘rape her’ as part of a sick revenge plot. She was distraught after finding explicit pictures of herself on an adult websites in 2011.
Soon she was being contacted by men with some of them even turning up on her doorstep wanting sex after claiming to have ‘chatted’ to her online.
Robyn states that one man turned up days before she was due to give birth and added that the stress of the situation caused her to miscarry. When the culprit turned out to be a former boyfriend - she was horrified.


Husband who shot dead his wife and a child in classroom where she was teaching
We know you have been hearing this story circulating around so here’s what happened.
An estranged husband shot his primary school teacher wife and one of her eight-year-old pupils to death then turned the gun on himself.
Cederic Anderson shot his wife Karen, a special needs teacher, at a school in California and fatally wounded an eight-year-old pupil. The student is understood to have been behind the teacher at the time along with a nine-year-old who is in stable condition in hospital.


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