2nd October, 2017

Porsche passengers use umbrellas instead of convertible roof


Well here is something you do not see every day; people under an entire umbrella whilst in a Porsche. The site is rare and hilarious .Click on the link to LOL.


Hilarious Tweets About Marriage Will Have You Laughing For Hours


Marriage is a beautiful thing, being with one individual for years will without a doubt produce more comedic material then any person who isn’t married would comprehend. You need to see these for yourself trust us you will love them.

Times The Internet Nailed What Being A Millennial Is ACTUALLY Like


You have to love the internet it is filled with content one cannot even begin to try getting through. We particularly love this piece it really hit the nail on the head. Click on the link for a read.

Grandpa And Baby Talking To Each Other


This has to be one of the cutest and funniest videos we have ever seen. Grandfather and Grandchild in a serious bonding session .

Morning People vs Night People


The contrast is both huge and hilarious, Morning people vs Night people is the battle of two extremes and we love the humor this comes with .Click on the link for  a good laugh .

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