3rd October, 2017

The Wrong Way to Reveal Your Pregnancy Test


This has to be one of the funniest video clips we have ever shared. We don’t really know if there even is a right way to reveal your pregnancy tests but this is definitely no way to do it and it is unbelievably hilarious.

Hilarious Charts And Graphs That Will Make You Nod Your Head In Agreement


These charts are both brilliant and hilarious .What’s more is that they hit the nail on the head on various issues. Do yourself a favor and click on the link for a good laugh.


Times Tumblr Had Something Funny to Say About Getting Old


Getting old is absolutely inevitable, all of us experience it. The most wonderful thing about getting old is the humor it comes with whether in speech or action and the internet users had a lot to say about this. Click on the link to LOL!

Wrong Number Texting Conversations That Prove the Endless Entertainment Value of Phones


These wrong number texts are downright humorous and will without a doubt make your day. Do the right thing and click on the link for a good chuckle.

Memes All Broke People Will Relate To


Being broke is one of those things that are only funny when you actually reflect on the times you were actually broke and how horrible things were for you. When you are in the actual state of being broke there isn’t much to laugh about. Click on the link to have a giggle at being broke.

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