4th October, 2017

Moments That Expose The Craziness Of Modern Dating World
Dating these days is a far cry from what it was 50 Years ago and for the most part technological devises are mainly responsible for this change. Or have they just merely exposed what already existed? either way these snaps will have you on your knees laughing .




Funny FML Moments That'll Put a Smile on Your Face


We all have these moments where we do something completely stupid and not being conscious of actually doing it. These moments can be both funny and embarrassing .Click on the link to see exactly what we are talking about.

'Bros Being Basic' Instagram Posts That Are #Flawless AF


These gents truly understand the “art of trolling”. They have successfully imitated Instagram poses that we are all too familiar with and the result is hilarious . Trust us you will love this .


Australia's Biggest Fart Survey Reveals 66 Per Cent of Us Prefer to Let One Rip in the Change Rooms


In true South Park style; Ubisoft the distributors of the upcoming South Park video game have conducted a rather strange survey on people farting habits.  This was done with the purpose of promoting the upcoming game. Click on the link to see the full story .

Can Horses Grow Mustaches? Yes, And These Pictures Will Make Your Day


Did you know that certain breeds of horses can grow mustaches if they carry the right gene? Probably not, which is not too surprising as most of us did not know this weird fact .Still don’t believe us? Have a look at these pictures that will totally make your day.


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