5th October, 2017

Comics That Perfectly Describe Your Relationship


Nothing tells a more vivid story then a good comic strip. Have a look at these hilarious pieces that describe most relationships.

Tweets That'll Make You Laugh When You Finally Figure Out The Joke


Initially you might be blanked faced, but as soon as it clicks trust us you will have a good old laugh. Click on the link to view.


Hungry donkey mistakes orange McLaren for giant carrot


Yep, this donkey thought they could chew away at what would have been the most expensive carrot in the world. Click on the link to view the full story.


FAILs Showing Why You Shouldn't Befriend Your Parents on Social Media


In this new age of social media, everyone has naturally jumped ship and even adults who are mostly not so great at using these platforms ,which is all good and well if they are doing it independently but super embarrassing when  they drag other people . Click on the link to see exactly what we are talking about.


Fun Cartoons You Never Noticed Have Really Dark Universes


This is probably some knowledge about some of your favorite cartoons that you have never heard of. What’s more is that this knowledge is shockingly funny. Click on the link to LOL.


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