8th September, 2017

Man fined for driving off with wife on hood of car

This man’s wife had the last laugh; her husband decided he would take off during an argument and the wife was not having it. She jumped on the hood of the car and remained there while the husband drove around. The footage is hilarious.



Memes for The Annoying People In Your Life

We have all come across people that seem to annoy us all the time. Thinking of those people is probably enough to annoy you. Well here are seems memes to lighten up your mood about those annoying people.



7-Way Meet Cute

It’s definitely not every day you get to meet all 6 of your soulmates at the same time. You probably asking yourself; how is that even possible? Click on the link to find out how and have a good a laugh.



The Tortures Of Modern Love In Vintage Comics

Love is a wonderful thing but it can also be very tough. Apparently modern love is tougher than before so we thought it appropriate to share this oxymoron of the struggles of modern love in vintage pictures. 



Daters share their weirdest, most outrageous experiences

Broken feet, bondage masks and misplaced candles these are some of the things people have actually experience d on dates. These stories are terrifyingly funny. Click on the link for a read.



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