1st September, 2017

Working a Creative Job: Expectation vs Reality

Anyone who has considered themselves a creative from an early age and went on to find a job that requires creative ability will tell you that what they expected is far from reality . These images explore just that. Trust us you will have a good laugh.



People Are Sharing Their Favorite Petty Phrases To Use In Work Emails And They're Pretty Great

In the 21st century a lot of work spaces make the use of emails as a means of communication. It is therefore safe to say we all have our fair share of petty phrases we tend to use in emails. Click on the link to see some you can relate to.



Very Funny Kid Opening Snack Pack

This kid will make you Friday trust us. What this kid does is something none of us could have expected and it is so cute and hilarious. Go ahead and click on the link.



Men on Twitter Try to Pass Off King of Queens Theme Lyrics as Love Poem, Goes Better Than Expected

These men were very naughty for sending the Kings of Queens lyrics to their girlfriend pretending that they wrote them a poem. The girlfriends were all impressed initially , we can only wonder what happened once they discovered these were not words from the heart.



Tweets That Prove That British Humour Is The Best Sense Of Humour

These tweets affirm that the Brits are amongst the most hilarious beings in our planet. You need to read through them, you will without a doubt laugh your socks off.



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