11th September, 2017

Posts About Movies That Are So Damn True You Can't Help But Laugh

The hilarity in these posts lies in the fact that they are so accurate. All of us can relate to these, go ahead and click on the link to have a giggle. 



Pros and Cons of Being a Night Owl

We cannot even think of any Pros of being a night owl .We would honestly rather be asleep like the rest of the world at night. Have a look at the Pros and Cons of being a night owl and see if u agree with any . 



6 of the Strangest Word Records of Farting

Humans are really sensational. Why anyone would want to set the world record for the longest fart is beyond us. But here it is folks.



Times Ellen Made Us Cry With Laughter

If you do not think Ellen is hilarious then you are probably part of a very small percentage of people who share that sentiment. But let’s attempt changing your mind by revealing these funny snippets with you.



Living at Home vs. Living in a Dorm

Boarding school can be one of the best times of a child’s schooling career. However as great it can be in some aspects it will just never be like home. We take a look at the differences of living in a dorm vs living at home.



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