28th September, 2017

These Women Perfectly Sum Up What Happens When Their Spouse Gets a Cold


Men are generally softies when with their partners. But this is something they wouldn’t dare share with their peers. Take a look these hilarious tweets from ordinary woman exposing their partners.


Tweets That Will Only Make You Laugh If You Have A Boyfriend


Ladies put up with a lot from their significant others; these women have happily shared their struggles in relationships. We couldn’t help but share their painful and funny experiences with you.


Hungry elephant overturns vehicle on Sri Lanka road in search of food


In all parks that keep animals there is usually a big and conspicuous sign that clearly says “DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS”.  But what did this bloke do? He fed the animal and the results were dangerously hilarious.


Put Your Phone Away


In a society that is always so consumed in their technological devices even in the presence of people and shockingly in some cases even on dates. This video is both relevant and humorous, go ahead and click on the link for a chuckle.


Why Old People Think Millennials Are Killing The World


It seems like millennials are forever being blamed for every worldly thing that is wrong or goes wrong. Well it looks like the old people have a perfectly valid reason for thinking so. Click on the link to read the article and have a good laugh.


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