31st August, 2017

Hilarious Differences Between Men and Women Shown in Graphs

These pie charts detailing the differences between Men and Women will have you on your stomach laughing. Go ahead and click on the link, trust us you will love these.



Funniest Things Ever Seen in a School Classroom

We all have our fair share of funny classroom stories we could share. Well these people did exactly that and we cannot believe some of these.



The Top 10 Responses To 'What's The Most Ridiculous Rule In Your Place Of Work?'

Different jobs have different rules and some are more ridiculous than others. After reading through these we were shocked at the types of rules some companies implement.



Groom-to-be proposes to his stunned fiancé with a bouquet of MEAT flowers

Every man wants to make their proposal to their wife-to-be very special and memorable. But this guy took things to a different level; a whole bouquet of meat flowers! 



The Adventures Of Business Cat

This Thursday we take it back to the days when comic strips ruled comedic literature. The adventures of business cat is our lucky pick. Enjoy!





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