7th September, 2017

Shoplifting seagull returns to cafe to take bag of chips

It is not every day you get to see a heist being pulled by a seagull. The way the seagull is so skillful in conducting the heist is downright hilarious. Click on the link to see the footage.



Stages of Mobile Game Addiction

Most of us have at some point been bored enough to give that game on our phone a shot. Only to discover how much we enjoy it and end up being addicted to it .Have a look at these funny stages of mobile game addiction we go through.



A Mega Batch Of Funny Memes To Help You Decompress

These memes are just what you need to loosen up after a long week of hard work .Go ahead and click on the link to have a good laugh.



'Amateur gymnast' gets stuck in bathroom window on Tinder date

This turned out to be the most awkward date ever. I mean to end up being stuck in a bathroom window while trying to hide the mess you made in the bathroom. It must have been so embarrassing for her but it is very humorous to us.



The weird and wonderful Guinness World Records

From a slam dunking bunny to a man with an antenna attached to his head, the Guinness world records are really getting funnier by the year. Click on the link to see more weird  and wonderful records.



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