4th August, 2017

Worst Things That Can Happen In an Office Bathroom

We  take a look at the most awkward bathroom encounters we never want to experience. These tend to lean towards the gents , but everyone will have a good laugh.



Video of daughter scaring dad becomes most-watched clip on Twitch

This little girl taught his dad a listen he will never forget; instead of playing video games he should have been minding her. The result was a father so terrified he almost passed out from a heart attack. Check this video out ,trust us you will have a good chuckle.



 Photos That Will Drive You Crazy Until You Figure Them Out

People are insanely creative; these images will confuse the hell out of you right until you figure them out and realize how smart and funny they really  are .Go ahead and have a look . 



In Sickness And In Health': Wife Mows Grass For Exhausted Husband Who Refuses To Leave Her Side

Gents, this man right here makes us look bad as gender. His behavior is downright exemplary but in as sweet his gesture is; it is still hilarious! Dude go sit down. You are really going to walk by your wife’s’ side as she mows the lawn?



Man succeeds in driving his girlfriend mad with his annoying holiday questions

This guy was really on a mission to annoy the hell out of his girlfriend. And he successfully achieved this; much to his girlfriend’s irritation and our laughter. Click on the link to check the video out.



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