11th August, 2017

Truths of Being a Hairy Woman

This woman’s month we are amplifying the giggles for the ladies. Hairiness can be a nightmare of a genetic trait. We take a look at the troubles hairy women go through. 



People Who Can't Wait for Halloween

This world is full of idiotic humans though. I mean it some parts of the world there is a dedicated day for humans to express their Child. As if there isn’t enough, people still go around dressed in costumes on ordinary days just for a good time. Sensational!



The Most Underrated Comedies of the Last 10 Years

If you are a lover of comedy just like we are, you need to go through this list and take a trip down memory lane.  You will discover hilarious classic comedies that just never got the hype they deserved. If you haven’t seen any go ahead and try seeing a few .Trust us you will laugh your knees off.



New To The Working World? Let's Talk About Your 'Rights'

Starting a new job is almost never what one expects it to be. This persons account of their humble begins in the working world will definitely crack you up. You might have even experienced a few of these. Click on the link to read the article.



Mom Asks To Reschedule Solar Eclipse And We Can't Stop Laughing

We were on our stomachs from laughter when we saw this. This is an actual incident in the 21 century in 2017 in a developed country .Amazing! Check it out to LOL!



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