14th July, 2017

19 Times Britain Made Everyone In America Say, "What?"

Any time you put a brit and American in one room there is bound to be fireworks. These two nations’ cultural differences have been the subject of many jokes. Here we take a look at the Americans firing shots at the Brits; its hella funny!



Watch Fidget Spinner Masters Battle in the Hilarious ANIME FIDGET SPINNERS .

You know something is trending when those Robot Vendors have it in stock; they always have the plug. Fidget spinners have been the latest craze among the younger generation and the odd adult.  Check this video to lol!



Grandpa Discovers Snapchat filter

They say you can’t teach old dog new tricks.  Well this Grandpa had his first go at snapchat filters and we think he got the hang of it and it looks absolutely comical. 



Real Life vs Anxiety

The battle of what is actually happening and what we think is happening is one that can be traced in time; it has always been part of our human existence. Take a look at these funny real life vs anxiety images we can all relate to.



Man with DEVAST8 tattoo covering his face can’t get a job

YEP this is Devastating; once again a fellow earthling has really outdone himself. And guess what?? He blamed it on the alcohol, always a great excuse. Incredible!



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