14th August, 2017

Things Americans Don't Realize Are Weird

Americans have long done things that the rest of the world find strange. For the most part the rest of the world is a collective when it comes to the functionality of general things except for the Americans; they just take a completely different direction. Click on the link to LOL!



 Hinting That You're Queer Too

This classic weirdo spy dude clip will have you on your knees with laughter. He looks the part, he has the right team but his behavior; very questionable .Click on the link to watch.



 Posts for People Who Have Left Hand Problems

Being left handed is a rare trait and because of this it is not surprising that most things on earth are designed to be used by right handed people. This brings about challenges for any person who is left handed. Check out this article for a good chuckle.



Armed police officer makes bizarre discovery in car 

A duck with a bow tie, a dog   and an elderly man all in the front seat of a vehicle. If there ever was a weird combination this was definitely it. Read the article to find out how this combination came about. Trust us you will have a good laugh.



The Stalking Cat

Cats are generally known to be curious and creepy animals. This video confirms this in the funniest way. Go ahead and click on the link to have  look.



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