21st August, 2017

Pictures That Prove Kids Are Absolutely Ruthless

Anyone who has spent a bit of time with a toddler will tell you that children have an effortless sense of humor. All you have to do is throw in a couple of tricky questions and the answers will startle you. Sometimes the responses are just out right ruthless. Click on the link to see exactly what we talking about.



Funniest Parenting Tweets 

You do not have to a parent to figure out that raising a child must be one of the most challenging things humans’ experiences. Children have a unique ability of driving their parents up to the wall. We take a look at the hilarity of these moments.



Bed and breakfast helps chickens cross street with high visibility vests

Well here is something that would confuse the hell out of anyone who saw it; chickens wearing high visibility vests. This bed and breakfast is really serious about ensuring chickens cross the road safely. Click on the link and have a read.



Your Favorite Shameful Flavors As Chips!

Imagine if all your favorite cravings were packaged in a bag of chips. Yep that finger dipped in peanut butter or that teaspoon of mayonnaise flavor all in a packet of chips. Well there you go folks, all your shameful flavors as chips.



Pictures So Stupid, They'll Make You A Dumber Person

There is just plenty of humor in dumb things or behavior. These pictures are testament to this. Trust us you will be on your knees laughing at these.



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