24th August, 2017

People Share the Idiotic Things Their Brain Has Done While on Autopilot

The brain is an amazing organ. But sometimes the things it makes us do without being consciously aware of are just idiotic. Take a look at some stories people have shared of their encounters.



A Text Conversation With My Own Paranoia

We have all experienced paranoia at some point and chances are we were unaware of this; it is just something that happens. But it seems like they are some people who have reached advanced levels of self-awareness to a point where they can converse with their paranoia. Click on the link for a good giggle.



Best Pics From the 'Man Looking at Other Woman' Meme

The internet is a different place; some people really do not deserve it. The clownery on the web has reached dizzying heights and we love it .Check out these hilarious memes.



How To Tell If Something Is A Protest With David Alan Grier

David Alan Grier hilariously explains how to spot a protest in America .Trust us you will laugh your socks off at his explanation.



His Girlfriend Banned Any Geeky Toys Around The House. But He Found a Way And Turned It Into a Geeky House

The lengths this guy went through to keep his geeky toys displayed in the house after his girlfriend’s better judgement; ridiculous. The silliness of it all is too funny.



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