8th August, 2017

Sitcoms vs. Reality

We often get so engrossed into our favorite sitcoms that we tend to forget that they are a far cry from what goes on in real life. We take a look at distinct moments in sitcoms vs what actually happens in reality. Click on the link for a good laugh.



Jokes From Kids TV And Movies That Completely Went Over Your Head

There are so many undertones in children’s television programs that we just simply couldn’t notice as kids’ .Well we all grown up now, have a look at these scenes that will completely shock you and have you chuckling to yourself.



Funny Moms That Have No Idea How Hilarious They Really Are

These moms are what dreams are made of. Their complete ignorance to their unbelievable sense of humor will crack you up.



Bell-ringing Japanese cats play keyboard

The famed bell ringing cats are back! This time around they are schooling us on how to play piano .Check the video out to LOL!



Watch a BBC Newsreader Lose the Will to Live While Reporting on a Dog-Surfing Comp

This News reporter had the same facial expression any of us would have had if we had to report about dogs surfing. He has lost all hope in humanity and so have we. Click on the link to see the video.



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