19th July, 2017

Fan Sneaks Backstage with Fake Credential, Walks out with Conor McGregor

The Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor craze is upon us. The Press Conferences have been a promoters dream; entertainment galore! It’s no wonder this crazy fan created Fake credentials to be right in the mix of all the action. This is brilliant and hilarious.



Florida family perplexed by frozen sausage on their roof

When one talks of ‘mystery meat’ you cannot count this incident out. This family was understandably confused when packets of sausages landed on their roof; from nowhere. I mean it rained sausages. You have to check this out.



Twitter Thought This Couple Proved Love Exists, Turns Out Love is a Lie

They are countless reasons why we love the internet. But we especially love the internet because of all the humor we can fish out of it and in the age of twitter there is no running out of this; twitter had a field day over this couples text messages and its hella amusing .



Bull gets stuck inside truck tire at Iowa ranch

 How a bull managed to get its self in this situation will remain a mystery, even the owner is as confused as we are. Guess this bull really hit the bulls eye.



Why Waking Someone Else Up Is The Worst

No one likes being woken up in the morning; whether it has to do with trying to delay the process of facing the day’s activities or just the need to be in warmth for a few more seconds. Take a look at these funny images most of us can relate to . 



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