29th August, 2017

Making New Friends: Expectation Vs. Reality

Being in a new environment can be daunting, but what’s even more daunting for some people is the concept of trying to make new friends in those surroundings. Sometimes what one expects is far from the reality. Have a look at these hilarious images that put things into perspective.



College Students Who Are Living In 3017 While We're Stuck In 2017

Going to tertiary is filled with a whole lot of different challenges. But perhaps one of the most evident ones is a lack of resources that one usually has when they are at home. So what does one do in this case?  .. Improvise; and that is exactly what these university students have done and its rather amusing.



Hilarious Comics Capture The Difference Between Childhood And College

The difference between Childhood and University is vastly different; we take a look at comics that have found humor is this vast difference. Click on the link for a good laugh.



Twitter Roundup: The Funniest Tweets About #MayweathervMcgregor

The topic on everyone’s lips is this past weekend’s fight between Floyd and Conor. So when we came across these tweets about the fight we thought they were just too funny for us not to share them with you. Click on the link to see more.



Parents Shouldn’t Text Examples Every Parent Needs To See To Understand Why

For some adults, the Internet may seem as a jungle, especially when it comes to Internet slang and confusing jungles such as LOLs, WTFs and YOLOs. This confusion usually leads to very humorous and sometimes inappropriate use of these slang terms by parents. Have a look at some by clicking on the below link.





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