5th July, 2017

Lebanese Are Tweeting About Heatwave...

When it is so hot that you can fry eggs on the pavement there is a lot to laugh about. At least that is what some people from Lebanon think after experiencing a serious heatwave. Check out these creatively funny tweets.



Apprentice Tries To Jump Into Moving Car And Fails

We all have that one friend who is a moron and tricks us into doing silly stunts, nothing funnier than those stunts turning into an EPIC fail.  Click on the link to LOL!.



Baby tries Coca-Cola for the first time!

Remember the first time you tried Coca –Cola ?  We think not, have a look at this cute and hilarious clip of what you might have done the first time you had your first go at Coca- Cola.



Mum’s Hilarious Rant Reveals She’s Broken After Spending Too Much Money at Bear Shop

Being a mother is no child’s play, especially when your child has to play at a serious expense. This mother’s woes will have you on your stomach with laughter



You can call it being fun-employment, what this guy did with his CV would definitely have any potential boss awe struck. Click on the link to have a good chuckle



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