20th July, 2017

TV Reporter Gets Puked On

This News anchor probably woke up in the morning and expected a great day on the field. Even with all the things that could go wrong she was never ready for this; being puked on! Her reaction is priceless. Click on the link to watch the video.



A Text Conversation With Myself From 3 Hours Ago

Planet earth has some seriously interesting people; what possesses one to send themselves text messages is beyond us.  But one thing is for sure; this is stupidly hysterical. 



19 People Who Know the Struggle to Fall Asleep Is REAL

Sleeping is one of the most beautiful things the human body goes through; anytime is always a good time for a nap. So it is not surprising how finding it hard to sleep can be very frustrating. But trust some people to find humor in this struggle. Check this out.



If You Do 29/41 Of These Things, You're A Twentysomething Grandma

Some of us are old souls trapped in young peoples’ bodies. You have to try this character audit and discover your true self; it’s fun and hilarious.



Florida drug dealer called police to report stolen cocaine

We are highly convinced this dude was at dizzying heights high when he reported this incident.  I mean dude really called the Cops to report  that an illegal substance that was in his possession had be stolen from him. Well done bro, you truly played yourself here.



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