23rd August, 2017

Times American Tumblr And British Tumblr Went Head To Head

There is nothing funnier than watching the Americans and the Brits having a go at each other over cultural differences. You have to check out this war of words. Trust us you will love it.



Husky rides in lawn chair tied to back of motor scooter

Anyone who has heard anything about Thailand will not be too shocked to learn about weird practices coming from that side of the world. However even with this knowledge when we saw this video we could not help ourselves but chuckle at just how ridiculous the sight is.



Wearing Contacts: Expectation vs Reality

It is probably safe to say that people who wear contact lenses do so with the expectation of looking more appealing and as a better substitution from wearing glasses. But wearing lenses is not always as easy as it seems .These images hilariously tell that story.



Sorry My Car is So Gross

Some of us have at some point hitched a ride on a mates car that was not exactly the most hygienic space we have ever occupied. But like with anything in life there is levels ..Click on the link to watch the video to see exactly what we are talking bout.



Parents Share The Weirdest Thing They Caught Their Kid Doing

Children can be a handful , these snippets of parents relating the weirdest things they caught their children doing will without  a doubt have you in stitches .



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