26th July, 2017

When You REALLY Want to Avoid Talking to Someone

We have all been in a situation where we absolutely want to avoid someone, until we see them from a distance in a hall way... how far do you go to avoid that person ?Check these out to LOL!



Microsoft Is NOT Killing MS Paint, the App We Use to Make Stick Figures and Intentionally Bad Memes

Let us set the record straight regarding Microsoft Paint; our most loved childhood app. Many hours were spent in our childhood drawing stick figures on this icon app. Is it finally going to be just a memory forever embedded in our mind?  Click on the link to find out.



This Girl's Mom Made Her Fake a Severe Cut to Get Out of Work Early

When you just not feeling the office vibes and want to head home for a nap. This mom is the future; the excuse she cooked up with her daughter just to head home from the office is hilarious.



Idiots Guide To Being Sexy

The extent some people go to, to appear sexy is unbelievable.  You have to see these seriously funny clips of people trying to look sexy. 



Kentucky newspaper's correction: Hot dogs are not sandwiches

We don’t know whether this is true dedication to delivering absolutely accurate news or if some dude at the publication was bored and decided to go through the archives. Either way what you are about to read is hella strange and funny. 



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