30th August, 2017

Twitter Asked People For "Signs Of A Bad Restaurant" And The Responses Were Great

It is safe to say most of us have had a bad restaurant experience at some point. When it happens you can never be impressed but on reflection there is always a form of humor in these experiences. Twitter had a lot to say about these experiences and it’s hilarious.



What You Say in a Relationship VS What You Mean

In relationship a lot of things are usually left unsaid for fear of hurting the other party. These images are the perfect portrayal of these situations in relationships. Go ahead and click on the link for a giggle.



Memes To Help End Your Day On A Positive Note

These memes will without a doubt make your day; they address a whole lot of everyday things  in classic meme style . Enjoy!



 People Who Make Procrastination an Art Form

Procrastination is a real thing for almost everyone; it always seems like a better option. However like anything in life there are levels to this. Have a look at images of people who take it to a whole different level. 



Comics That Show How Relationship Changes Over Time

New relationships are always interesting; the behavior of couples at this stage is always very calculated and thoughtful. However the later stages are even more interesting and humorous in many aspects .Click on the link to see exactly what we are talking about.





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