“Charlie & Friends" Present a Night to Remember

5th October, 2016

Comedy heavyweight Donovan Goliath joins Charles “Charlie” Ash and his funny friends for a top-notch night of laughs

Take five prepared comedians who have pleased gatherings of Comedy 'likers' and even just 'Likers' across South Africa and abroad for almost ten years. Put them on a stage and string their acts together with a hilarious, insightful, soulful narration that takes you behind the curtain and reveals more about each Comedian. The result is the perfect recipe for a one-of-a-kind night of comedy.

In the 'LOL'  Industry, you’ve got to have friends, and nowhere is this truer than in the zany, emotionally turbulent business of being funny.“Charlie & Friends” aims at giving audiences a unique new insight into the comedians they've come to know and love. 

By the end of the show, what will be clear is that there is no single comedian who is typical. Comedians come in all shapes, sizes, colours and ethnicities: some comedians being married to the "game"; while some comedians are divorced from reality.Well, The only thing comedians have in common is their ability to speak the universal language of “FUNNY” (Some more fluently than others of course) and that is what “Charlie & Friends” is all about. 

Join this Real, Raw and Hilarious gang of Comedians “Charlie & Friends” at the Barnyard Theatre, Rivonia on October 12th from 20.00 CAT

The Line up includes: Robby Collins, Dillan Oliphant and Donovan Goliath

Musical accompaniment: RnB quartet LXG

A worthwhile experience not to be missed

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