17th November, 2015

The internet has exploded with news of Charlie Sheen being HIV positive. The world knows him as the suave actor who starred in Ferris Bueller's Day Off & recently 2 and a Half Men. However, he is no longer a vision of health...

Rumours have been quelled that Charlie Sheen has been battling with HIV, and he has disclosed the validity of this statement as true. Charlie Sheen was diagnosed with HIV four years ago and has only opened up about it today on The Tonight Show with Matt Lauer. 

Charlie Sheen explained that he initially thought he had a brain tumour, “It is a hard three letters to absorb,” he said.

During these four years of secrecy, Charlie was paying off people for their secrecy. He explains that he was paying millions of dollars for their silence which lead to a slippery slope of cash demands which he explained as the reason for him coming forward, “That is money taken away from my kids.”

Considering the lifestyle he has been living, it is no wonder the media and close friends, family and basically the world speculated his HIV status.

Charlie Sheen has reportedly been entertaining male, female and transsexual porn stars in his home, where he has been hiding out for months. It doesn't end at this! Charlie has been indulging vigorously in a cocktail of hard-core drugs; smoking crack cocaine, weed, coke and more! According to a male porn star who visited Charlie around 18 months ago,"There was drugs everywhere - take your choice - there was coke, there's weed, there's crack. He's got any drug you want and if he doesn't have the drug he can make one phone call and he can get it."

His self indulgence doesn't end there! He watches films he's starred in on repeat and in between watches porn, fraternizes with porn stars and takes drugs.

Chain smoking Charlie after 'inconspicuously' leaving the house, for the first time in a while, with his mom to watch a movie.


To add to the scandal, Charlie Sheen has been looking pasty, sick and has lost a lot of weight- a shadow of his former self. His shady dealings have resulted in him setting up tight security in and without his home! Charlie has security guards posted outside his gates, makes guests sign non-disclosure agreements and hand in their phones before they enter his house! Guards posted outside Charlie's house.

  Everyone who visits Charlie responds similarly with sentiments "Poor Charlie", "I feel sorry for him". All speculation will be put to rest when Sheen is interviewed by Matt Lauer on The Today Show. 



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