Is Lopez looking a little chubby? Colbert wider than before? Here are some simple steps to adjust your set for optimal Comedy Central Africa viewing.

Earlier this month, Comedy Central switched its aspect ratio to 16/9 – this means you may need to adjust your TV set if things are looking a little stranger than usual on the channel!

Here’s how:

Owners of HD TVs should adjust their set to 16/9 – do not set your TV to automatically adjust.
Owners of older TVs can adjust to see the bigger picture.

If you have a standard or SD PVR Decoder, follow these steps to change the aspect ratio:

Step 1

Press Menu on your MultiChoice remote control (RCU)
Scroll down to Advanced Options and press OK

Step 2
Scroll down to TV Installation then press OK

Step 3
Key in the default TV Installation pin code 9949

Step 4
Scroll down to Aspect Ratio then press OK

Step 5
Press OK on TV Set Aspect Ratio
Scroll left or right to change settings
Press OK

Step 6
Scroll down to Accept these settings then press OK

We hope these steps will maximize your enjoyment of Comedy Central Africa’s awesome programming.

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