Anele Mdoda, David Kau, Minki Van Der Westhuizen, Robert Whitehead & Shaleen Surtie-Richards Round Out Roasting Panel   Johannesburg, 20 August 2012: Comedy Central is stoking up the fires for “The Comedy Central Roast of Steve Hofmeyr” as the channel reveals further fiery Roasters for the first “Roast” to take place on African soil (DStv Channel 122, 21:00 CAT, 24 September 2012).

Sharpening up their claws and polishing off their most blistering remarks will be: Top Billing presenter and Highveld radio DJ Anele Mdoda (@anele); hilarious comic, actor and director David Kau (@davidkau1); gorgeous Sports Illustrated model and Pasella presenter Minki Van Der Westhuizen; soap actor Robert Whitehead (a.k.a. Barker Haines, Isidingo's villainous business tycoon); and renowned TV and movie actress Shaleen Surtie-Richards.

The Roasters will join Roastee Steve Hofmeyr (@steve_hofmeyr), Roastmaster Trevor Noah (@TrevorNoah) and previously announced Roasters Casper de Vries (@casperrasper), John Vlismas (@fortyshort) and Kuli Roberts (@kuliroberts) on stage at the Lyric Theatre Gold Reef City, Johannesburg for the unique comedy event.

Speaking of her involvement in the Roast, Shaleen Surtie-Richards said, “Me, roast Steve Hofmeyr?  No man, I'm going to braai him!  I've always wanted a piece of his wors…”

Added David Kau, “I'm really looking forward to roasting Steve Hofmeyr, the man known to millions of people as ‘Steve who?’”

In a personal tribute to the Roastee, Robert Whitehead commented, “Some people say Steve is a lazy, talentless, sexist, racist Neil Diamond wannabe. I beg to differ. He's definitely not lazy.”

Commented Evert van der Veer, Head of Comedy Central, Africa, “Steve Hofmeyr’s going to have to pull out all the stops to get the better of this red-hot roasting panel.  We are delighted to welcome Anele, David, Minki, Robertand Shaleen on board – looks like Steve could be in for a real toasting!”

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The Comedy Central Roast of Steve Hofmeyr Panel

  • Anele Mdoda

  • David Kau

  • Minki Van Der Westhuizen

  • Robert Whitehead

  • Shaleen Surtie-Richards

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