9th October, 2015

Simmi Areff is handsome.

Sometimes he finds it tough being handsome because with great power comes good looks, on flee eyebrows, great bone structure and facial features, the most luscious of beards and delicious curly hair.

It is even more tough to be all of this and funny...


Sometimes Comedy is not about being funny all the time. Including this hilarious bio... What people don't see are the hours of work comedians put into their craft. The more successful ones put the most work in. I spend hours writing and rewriting. This doesn't make me a good writer or a better comedian automatically, but it helps me achieve my goal quicker. If you are a new act, write more; then perform more and die on stage more. There is nothing wrong with an audience who does not laugh at you. It is just another learning experience. Die on stage to 30 people, rewrite the material and perform again. Do this and you can get better. There is a lot of handwork behind the scenes that make people believe that your job is just talking for a few minutes at a time. Do the work, see the rewards....

Now BACK to the rest of my bio because I literally need all the exposure I can get...

If you don't know, Simmi is hilarious, and after he hugged Dave Chappelle he automatically became one of the Top 5 comedians in South Africa. He even got his car kickstarted by Trevor Noah once and for a brief moment of time he was not only handsome but the 3rd best comedian in the country. Crazy - he knows.

Simmi was rated as one of South Africa's top young up and coming comedian; and Forbes magazine did a 3 page spread about his funniness and his gorgeous looks...but mostly about his comedic talents.

After opening for Riaad Moosa around the country, Simmi did his own one man show...and just like his Adonis looks - he did well. So well that for his solo one man show he sold out. This is not made up because Jobber Theatre placed a "House Full" sign outside...that means sold out. Watch him. Support him and love him. His mother does and she is never wrong.

He's handsome.


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